Clever coffee dripper

We think you will love it, sincerely Prima Coffee. Buy with confidence as the condition of this . Its our preferred method to make coffee.


If its easy and delicious and then its the brewer for us! The lid is important to keep the coffee hot during infusion. The claim is that it offers the best of Drip and French Press, without the drawbacks of either.

These great little brewers offer the best of both brewing styles!

This brewer is in the running for the simplest. Not dishwasher or microwave safe. Tips great for the barista or . Great cup of coffee and easy to use and clean!

Simply add and rinse the filter, add your coffee, pour the hot water and steep. The concept is simple, and the execution is even more simple. With French press brewing, you . One of the easiest and most user-friendly brewing devices available, the CCD (as its friends call it) is cheap, simple, clean and easy to use.


In the afternoons, this is the preferred method . Tack vare en unik, patenterad stoppfunktion så tillåts man . Pour in water, add coffee, stir and let steep. This large 18-ounce design features more durable plastic, and is . Drip coffee method is the simplest and cleanest way to extract all the qualities of your coffee beans. The clean cup produced is perfectly suited to bring the . The dripper will fit on cups and thermoses with tops wider than 1. Caliman invented the french press.

Today, we are here in taiwan invent the clever coffee dripper. A cross between French press and filter drip brewing that takes the best qualities of both and eliminates the drawbacks of each. Clever coffee dripper follows the direct . This contemporary looking clever coffer dipper combines the best features of the French press and filter drip brewing. To order visit Klatch Roasting Inc.

Easy to clean by removing grounds and rinsing in hot soapy water. Enjoy coffee at home or on-the-go with exceptional brewing gear and merchandise.