Sound devices 702

The compact device records and plays back audio to cost-effective, removable . Background: My main focus is sound effects recording. If you need timecode, make sure you get the 702T.


We are sorry, this item is no longer available. Please pardon the crudeness of this video. Before recording, inputs must be assigned to tracks. Designed specifically for high .

This compact device is known for its . I thought that new Zoom Hwould have been . The 702T two-track digital audio recorder is designed for portable production applications. Find great deals on for sound devices 7and sound devices. High Resolution Digital Audio Recorders. User Guide and Technical Information firmware rev.

I understand that the 7uses less . Includes power supply, battery, and carry bag. Four-track digital audio recorder with Time Code.

Alan McKinney needs your help today! Inquire about package deals with other mics. For HDSLR productions with dual system recording, is there any advantage to the 702T versus the 7(without timecode)? The super-compact device records and plays back to . The 7two-track file-based digital audio recorder is designed for applications where high-resolution audio . Portable, High-Resolution Audio Recorder. The 7sound mixer is commonly used for non-sync sound in film and.

Sound devices 702t recorder, mix pre mixer, full location recording kit. Sound Devices 702T Manual Online: Compactflash Recording Media, Formatting. So, we just recorded sound straight to the recorder after setting up. LUFTRUM from desktop or your mobile device.

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