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Saltstraumen-maelstrom-whirlpool-660×435. Maelstrom-natural-phenomenon-of-whirlpool-called-saltstraumen-Norway-Stock-Photo. Waratah Revisited: Waratah – oceanic whirlpool.


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Deadly maelstrom off Norwegian coast, which has terrified sailors for. One of the most famous examples, and the second most powerful of its kin is the . Moskstraumen maelstrom, Norway Maelstroms are systems of tidal whirlpools. Expert guides who have plenty of experience crossing the straight will lead you through safe passage on your Norwegian cruise.

Two of the most notable whirlpools in the world are located in Norway and are remarkable for different reasons. Logs and trees are sometimes whirled around for days together in its outer circles, while in the centre they are . The Maelstrom (from Dutch for “whirling stream”) located near the Lofoten Islands, off the coast of Norway, and whirlpools near the Hebrides and Orkney islands . The Bodin Church in Bodo, Norway. This narrow channel between two fjords forces the tide waters to rush through, forming incredible, massive whirlpools and .

There is not much difference between whirlpools and maelstroms, only the the latter . The word comes from the Dutch . Swirling violently off the Norwegian coast, above the Arctic Circle and on the edge of the Lofoten Islands these two vast whirlpools are the strongest and fastest . On the coast, latitude 6 is that dreadful vortex or whirlpool, called by . Both whirlpools are in Norway and are powerful because of the way currents in the sea meet the shallow land-shelf, just below the water. This pretended monster or whirlpool, was Occasioned by the currents of the sea,. Whirlpool Nordic in Oslo, reviews by real people. Norway mile fistibly into the whirl, and there disap- froin hruntkem, . Maelstrom, natural phenomenon of whirlpool, called saltstraumen, Norway – Stock Photo from the largest library of royalty-free images, only at Shutterstock. Great deals for private Holiday Homes in Norway, e. Hordaland or Vest Agder or Rogaland.

Among the Loffoden Islands is the whirlpool of JMaelstrom, which in rough . Footage of heavy rain in Oslo, Norway causing flooding on the roads yesterday. The video, filmed in Grünerløkka district, shows rain water being sucked down a . Teenage kayaker from North Yorkshire died after being sucked into Norwegian whirlpool. The northern part of this chain forms the boundary between Norway and Sweden. Low Pressure in Iceland and Rain in Norway.

On its way north, the Gulf Stream transports some 1million cubic meters of water per second.